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I had some difficulty initially attributing this, but within hours of posting it on NUMISM-L, I had received the following information:

The following information kindly supplied by G. Thomas Schroer:


Victory is seated left on a cippus, with a palm branch in each hand and a trophy in front, and she is spurning a kneeling captive.  It is a commemoration of a fortress named Dafne on the Danube. A fortress that was constructed about 328, the year of the issue of the coin in question. Constantine also issued a medallion commemorating the fortifications with the inscription SALVS REIP DANVVIVS, per RIC. While not rare, or really even truly scarce, it is certainly not a very common type, and is a desirable coin. For your reference, it appears to be RIC-32, with the obverse
type of head with rosette diadem, looking upwards.
Best Regards, Tom Schroer   Numus

Further comments offered by  Michael A Fox 

What you have is a nice specimen of Constantine's Dafne coinage, a very
useful little booklet has been published by Stephen M Huston entitled

Constantine's Dafne Coinage at Constantinople

Which deals at length with the whole subject

You will find it also in RIC vol VIII
and also in LRBC

Best wishes

Michael A Fox, Chairman
Israel Numismatic Society
Hiafa Branch



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