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Hair-dressing of
Roman Ladies as
Illustrated on Coins

    Authentic Ancient Coins and Artifacts...

Gandharan grey schist buddha,  Pakistan

Exceptional Augustus Signis Receptis denarius

Soter Megas AE tetradrachm

Authenic Samaritan clay oil lamp from Israel

Ancient bronze bilobed arrowhead

Alexander Jannaeus lepton, the "widow's mite" of the Bible

South Asian

Greek, Roman,
 Byzantine Coins

Kushan & Indian

Ancient Lamps

& Spear Points

Judaean Coins

   Unique Numismatic and Historical Gifts...

Fine replicas of classical sculpture - Adrian on panther

Ceramic mug with image of Athens Attica tetradrachm

Athena's Owl - A fine sterling silver pendant derived from the famous Athenian coin

Unique Ancient Coin T-Shirts

Full color high-resolution glossy image of coins 18 x 24 inches

Ancient Coin Mouse Pads

SNG 6 Paslestine South Arabia and other numismatic references






Mouse Pads



From the dawn of coinage in the 7th century BC in Lydia, Greece, through the fall of the Byzantine empire nearly two millennia later, hundreds of mints in cities throughout the Mediterranean region, Europe, and middle east produced millions of coins each year, every one of them unique.  Hand struck from a myriad of hand-carved dies, these tiny works of art carry a visual representation of the beliefs, aesthetics, politics and history of their creators.  The images on ancient coins range from sublime depictions of natural beauty on the coins of Greece to stark reminders of the brutality Roman era politics.

We offer selected examples of Judaean, Roman, Byzantine, Greek, Kushan, and Indian coinage, as well as antiquities from the Holy Land and South  Asia, including Gandharan Sculpture, and Bronze and Iron Arrowheads.  In addition to authentic coinage and artifacts of the ancient world, we have developed our own line of gifts and practical items, drawn from our favorite ancient images.

You can carry the unique beauty of ancient coins with you where ever you go, with our coin t-shirts, jewelry, ceramic mugs, mouse pads, or posters.  Our products are a great way to introduce the people around you to the remarkable world of ancient numismatics and classical art.  They also make perfect gifts for coin collectors, students of history or mythology, or anyone with an appreciation for the peculiar and wonderful images of the ancient world.

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