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The following coins, many of which appear on our products, are not currently being offered for sale.  The images are presented solely for your enjoyment.  Just a few images are ready at this time, but others will be added as time permits. 

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Antiochos IV AE Obverse

Antiochus IV-Obv

Antiochos IV AE Reverse

Antiochus IV-Rev

Athens AR Tetradrachm Obverse

Athens - Obv

Athens AR Tetradrachm Reverse


Cilicia, Nagidos AR Stater Obverse

Nagidos - Obv

Cilicia, Nagidos AR Stater Reverse

Nagidos - Rev

Gotarzes II Obverse

Gotarzes II - Obv

Gotarzes II Reverse

Gotarzes II - Obv

Sicily Syracuse Tetradrachm Obverse

Syracuse - Obv

Sicily Syracuse Tetradrachm Reverse

Syracuse - Rev

mith1.JPG (67168 bytes)

Mithridates VI - Obv

mith2.JPG (66727 bytes)

Mithridates VI - Obv

vabalathus.JPG (76461 bytes)


constantine.JPG (75338 bytes) Daphne


legend3.JPG (67811 bytes)

Constantine II

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