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Widow's Mite in Olive Wood Box, from Bethlehem              

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The bronze lepton of Alexander Jannaeus was the smallest denomination of coins circulating during the life of Jesus.  Though minted before 78 BC, they circulated widely for centuries, even as late as the 4th century AD.  Historians have concluded that these were the coins mentioned in the famous biblical story of the poor widow.  The monetary value of these coins was extremely small - some sources say that a loaf of bread cost 200 leptons - but their symbolic and historical significance is substantial. 

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These leptons have not been cleaned or otherwise altered, and still carry the dust from their find spot near Bethlehem.  The metal bears a thick, beautiful colored patina, developed by centuries in the earth.

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No two ancient coins are exactly alike. Like most ancient coins, these leptons were hand struck from hand-carved dies, and are almost always poorly centered and of uneven thickness.


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We offer a select  examples of the Alexander Jannaeus lepton in an olive wood presentation box.  

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