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Sylloge Nummorum Graecorum : The Collection
of the American Numismatic
Society, Pt. 6: Palestine-South Arabia
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This substantial volume describes and illustrates 1,615 coins in the American Numismatic Society collection, including the regions of ancient Palestine, the Decapolis, Provincia Arabia, Nabataea and South Arabia.  Includes 142 Hasmonaean, 126 Herodian, 98 procurators, 65 Jewish war and Judaea Capta,  92 Bar Kochba, with much of the remaining 1,000+ being provincial city coins.  

          Meshorer, Ya'Akov, 1981

          Hardcover - Bound in cloth
          54 pages, 54 plates
          11.75" x 14.5"
          ISBN 0- 89722-187-7

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List price:  $125.00
Our Price:  $29.95

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