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Journey" CD
This unique CD uses a combination of aerial video, graphic reconstructions, and historic information to describe the Canaanite period and Abraham's journey from northern Israel to Beersheba, where he made his home.  Utilizing narrative, fly-over footage, and interactive 3D reconstructions, it is both educational and entertaining.   

Visit a virtual reconstruction of the famous city of Megiddo (New Testament Armageddon) that protected the famous Jezreel Valley.  Navigate through the palace, temple complex, gate fortifications and urban house, or examine 3D images of artifacts from the site.

Produced by The Virtual Bible, this CD contains a wealth of historical and archeological information.  It is Windows/Mac compatible. 

Actual screen shots from the CD

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Some Comments about the CD

"The Virtual Bible is one of the most attractive and useful visual tools that I have seen in many years."

-Eugene H. Merrill, Distinguished Professor of Old Testament Studies, Dallas Theological Seminary.

Official Selection of -American Schools of Oriental Research- Publishers of "Near Eastern Archaeology."
"...a very helpful tool for the student of the Bible" James K. Hoffmeier Professor of Old Testament & Near Eastern Archaeology Trinity International University
"Abraham's Journey is an excellent resource for church and college classes. Students give it two thumbs up."

-Richard A. Batey, W.J. Millard Professor of Religious Studies, Rhodes College

"It was fun to use." "My daughter, who is 9, loves to move through the buildings and twirl the pots around."

-Valerie Fargo

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